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Finance Homework managing financial statement analysis, modeling, investor relations strategies and project management. Specialist in Fundamental Analysis, Financial Modeling & Reporting, Investor Relations, Industry & Market Research, Cash Flow & Risk Management.


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Commercial Finance- Marketing to the African Marketplace

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is committed to providing financing for American exports to many countries in Africa. There are substantial opportunities for American companies to sell to the South African countries that in 2006 purchased over 12 Billion dollars of U.S. exports.


The market opportunities in Africa are ginormous. With a total market size of over 400 billion dollars and a population of over 680 million people, the continent is hungry for food, housing, energy, transportation products, health products and services, and sanitation facilities. Read more at


Are Finance Sector Chief Executives Guilty of Hubris and Greed?

1. Honest disagreement

One of the things that I really enjoy as a commentator on business is the opportunity that it provides to listen carefully to an obviously clever and successful individual and then, hopefully with a degree of surgical precision, destroy every argument that they have put forward.


I have long enjoyed that attitude toward John Moulton the founder of Alchemy. I listen, I respect and then - generally - I reject. All good clean fun and challenging exercise for my aging brain.


It came as something of a shock, therefore to find that when Mr. Moulton was featured on the radio recently I listened with diligence, considered his arguments and, to my mild dismay I found that I agreed with every word that he said. Read more at

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